egyptian sun

One of the two obelisks of Thutmose III was brought to Constantinople and erected in 390 A.D., but was broken

during the installation.  Only 20 meters of the original 32 meters were put up on the spina of the Hippodrome. The

Egyptian master responsible for the erection was buried in the region and has been lying in darkness for over 1600.

With the aid of the Egyptian Sun, maybe a talented team can finally help him to find peace.

How do to reach the game?

* By car: Parking spaces available on site

* Walking: Distance from Taksim: 10 min - and from Karaköy: 5 min

* Tram station: Tophane

* By telephone: +90 - 538 / 540 20 59

* Through Vimeo:

* YouTube:   

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